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What is your top training goal this year?

Learn basic behaviors, such as sit, down, wait, stay, leave it, come, and off
14% (15 votes)
Be calm around people and other dogs
20% (21 votes)
Walk nicely on a leash
12% (13 votes)
Learn a solid recall
6% (6 votes)
Stay calm when visitors come to the door
13% (14 votes)
Learn or excel in a dog sport
18% (19 votes)
Less barking
8% (9 votes)
9% (10 votes)
Total votes: 107

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Start the New Year on the Right Paw—with Clicker Training

There's nothing like a new year to inspire a fresh start with goals and resolutions. Need to lose 30 pounds to make it easier to get around the agility course? This is the year for it. (True, the last five years have also been the year for it, but this year is different—really!)

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