Dog Training Classes

Dog Training Classes



Private Consultation & Training – Group classes are not always the best choice for learning, whether it’s a matter of scheduling and convenience or a specific behavior issue that a class will not directly address. We work one-on-one and I come to you.

If one visit will suffice, the fee is $85 for an hour visit. If you would like to prepay for 4 sessions, the cost is $300, and $420 for 6 sessions.*  Contact Lisa to arrange a meeting time.

*Cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance of the scheduled meeting time will be charged as a session.

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Basic Training

This 5-week class will teach and coach you along in developing basic training skills while training your dog to learn some important foundation behaviors. Class size is small, no more than 4 dogs, which means more individual attention and better value.


Just because your dog looks like an adult doesn’t mean he is one yet! Adolescent dogs are still changing physiologically which often leads to new and unwelcome behaviors. Now is the time for more training and socialization, not less! This single class is a photo and video presentation that teaches you to understand what dogs are saying through body language, what appropriate play looks like, what features to look for when it’s not all about fun, when to intervene, how to intervene, and how to work with a dog that is out of his or her mind with excitement around other dogs. We will discuss the challenges and solutions of training when your dog is distracted. You will get lots of tips and training suggestions in the class and handouts to take home with you. Please join us for an entertaining and informative hour!



*Control Yourself!! – Waiting for permission to have something they want; staying when there are other things they’d rather be doing; leaving something they can’t have because we ask it of them. These are all examples that require self-restraint, which is the focus of this 3-week class.

*Total Recall – Off Leash Voice & Sight Control – In this 3-week class we learn and practice what it takes to train our dogs to come to us reliably.

*The Loose Leash Connection – Taking walks should be an enjoyable experience that you share with your dog. This 3-week class focuses on leash handling skills and polite leash manners.



Ask a Trainer   –   Saturday March 9, 12pm-2pm

Do you have training questions? Stop by Marty’s Meals in north Boulder with or without your dog for a 15 minute consultation. I’ll answer your questions and give you suggestions. It’s free! Hope to see you there!


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