Group Classes


This is a FREE drop in playgroup for puppies 4 months or younger. It is also an opportunity to get your training questions answered by Lisa, owner and operator of Citizen Canine. We offer this class at 10:30am on the first Saturday of each month at Marty’s Meals in north Boulder. Puppies are encouraged to have at least one set of vaccinations. Contact Lisa or Marty’s Meals ahead of time, or just stop by with your puppy! Click here for possible cancellations.


Just because your dog looks like an adult doesn’t mean he is one yet! Adolescent dogs are still changing physiologically which often leads to new and unwelcome behaviors. Now is the time for more training and socialization, not less! This one time FREE class is a photo and video presentation that teaches you to understand what dogs are saying through body language, what appropriate play looks like, what features to look for when it’s not all about fun, when to intervene, how to intervene, and how to work with a dog that is out of his or her mind with excitement. We will discuss the challenges and solutions of training when your dog is distracted. You will get lots of tips and training suggestions in the class and handouts to take home with you. Please join us for an entertaining and informative couple of hours!

Please register here if you would like to attend. If you don’t see a class scheduled, please contact us.



If you and your friends would like to learn and train together as a group, we can arrange that. Beginning or advance clicker training, K9 Nose Work, a reliable recall, impulse control, loose leash walking – all are great examples! We can arrange to meet at Marty’s Meals, outside, or at a location of your choice. Contact Lisa.

K9 Nose Work ®

k9 Nose Work boulder colorado 426x292K9 Nose Work® is a sport that allows dogs to use their amazing sense of smell. Whether you are interested in competing in trials, looking for a fun activity to do with your dog, or wanting to give your fearful dog a boost in confidence, scent games like K9 Nose Work® should be a source of enrichment that all people provide for their dogs.K9 Nose Work classes boulder colorado 426x292

K9 Nosework Longmont Colorado 426x292We offer private instruction and custom group classes in the sport K9NW®, as well as other scenting games.IMG_3253