House Calls and Live Online Dog Training Services

IMG_8135IMG_1279 (768x1024)We come to you! Whether we meet online or in person in your home. Private sessions offer many advantages over group classes: 

  • Customized training plan  We can help meet your specific goals and deal with behavior issues that group classes don’t address.
  • Flexible scheduling  We come up with a training plan that works with your  schedule.
  • More value  The training session is all about you and your dog.
  • More effective training  Dogs and people learning new skills struggle in distracting and unfamiliar environments. The best learning happens when the learner feels comfortable and able to focus on the task at hand. What better place than in or around your home? If having your dog able to function out in the world where distractions and the unexpected are a given, then gradually introducing those types of environments into your dog’s training program, which we can do, will meet with greater success. If your concerns are ones specific to a particular environment, we will work there – where ever the training will be most successful and relevant to meeting your goals.



This is when we review your goals and come up with a plan. Maybe just one session will suffice, or more likely, you can decide at the time of our meeting what course of action you would prefer:  follow up session(s), a 4 or 6 session of coaching/instruction, or day training.

$95 (1-1.5 hour session)

To schedule a time, email Lisa at [email protected], call or text at 720-289-0584. We take cash, credit cards, personal checks, PayPal, and Venmo.


$90 (1 hour session)


I am passionate about clicker training! What you may not realize, is that clicker training does not necessarily mean you need to use or always carry around a clicker. Rather, clicker training is positive reinforcement training using a marker signal which can be a click, a whistle, a verbal sound or word, even a visual signal. We use a marker to help our dogs understand more easily and precisely what behavior is being reinforced when we first teach them a new skill. I will work with you to acquire the skills necessary for effective training, and we will train, trouble-shoot, and tweak the training plan as needed in order to help meet your goals.

3 sessions plus Initial Consult = $350 (@ $85/ 1 hour session) 

5 sessions plus Initial Consult = $495 (@ $80/1 hour session) 

The reduced rates are available only when paid at the time of our Initial Consultation.



Day training is a great option for those who would rather not do the bulk of the training. Instead, we meet with your dog 3 days a week, and on the fourth day of the week we do a transfer session. This is when we work with you and your dog to give you the skills to help maintain the training done so far. 

Depending on your goals, we may suggest a 3 week package. For example, 3-weeks is 12 sessions plus the Initial Consultation = $1055 (@ $80/30-60 minute session).