Veterinary Partnerships

Veterinary Partnerships

Veterinarian PartnershipsThe following statement is from the Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training and Behavior:

“Veterinarians have a difficult time evaluating the skills, quality and methods employed by the trainers who ask to be included in their referrals… Karen Pryor Academy provides veterinarians with a reliable, quality controlled nationwide network of dog trainers who teach and train using exclusively positive reinforcement principles. KPA Certified Training Partners maintain high client service standards and have the ‘know how’ to build productive partnerships with veterinarians.”

Veterinary Partnerships ColoradoIn addition, the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB) recommends that veterinarians refer clients to trainers and behavior consultants that understand and use the principles of positive reinforcement training. Read the AVSAB’s position statement on the use of punishment for behavior modification in animals.

How I work with clients:

  • Evaluate the behavior and goals of the client
  • Advise the client to seek veterinary care if deemed necessary
  • Create a training plan
  • Share the evaluation and training plan with the veterinarian
  • Assist clients in applying the veterinarian’s treatment plan when necessary

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In order to add value to the collaboration, I am happy to provide educational seminars to your staff, clients and public, free of charge.

  • Make your vet happy: how to reduce your dog’s stress at the veterinary clinic; how to prepare for a visit and what to do when you are there
  • Low stress handling and restraint of the animal patient
  • Canine body language: reading stress, and other signs and signals; when and what to do to help calm your dog
  • Before you get a puppy: critical learning in a puppy’s development; how to prepare and what to do when you get one
  • Before you get a dog: what questions to ask a breeder; understanding different breeds; rescue dogs; what kind of dog is a good fit for your family and lifestyle; how to prepare and what to do when you get one
  • Children and dogs: keeping things safe
  • Dog parks: understanding the dynamics of play; how to keep your dog and others safe

I look forward to meeting you and your staff!

Dog Trainer and Business Owner of Citizen Canine, LLC