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Serving Boulder County, Colorado for in person sessions, and virtually, anywhere!

Citizen Canine, LLC serves the local community of Boulder County Colorado, and outside this area with the help of remote learning tools. Citizen Canine provides science-based training
and behavior modification approaches that are positive and effective. I approach each individual involved (whether human, dog, cat, or other) with compassion and expertise informed by decades of experience and continuing education in the science of behavior and the principles of learning.

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Is the animal in your care behaving in ways that are problematic? You know your pet and his or her environment better than anyone, and I know about behaviors, training and troubleshooting problematic behaviors. Let’s team up and find solutions that work for both you and your pet.

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Many of us have had puppies in our lives at one time or another. It’s tempting to think “I got this”, and not seek out help. If you are not current on the latest understandings of animal care, and why would you be if it’s outside your profession, then contacting a professional may be the single most important investment you make. Please reach out before or after you get your puppy and I will help you get off to a great start. Contact me at Citizen Canine Dog Training for private instruction in your home or online!


Adolescence in dogs is a unique period of physiological change accompanied by behaviors that challenge most dog owners. These dogs look like adults and behave more like puppies but with more stamina, confidence, and potential to do damage. I work with a lot of dogs in this age group, and for good reason.

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The more we can help the pets in our care thrive (physically, behaviorally and emotionally), the easier it is to train them, and the stronger the connection we will enjoy with them. We’ve learned so much in recent years about what it takes for each species, and each individual to thrive in our care, and training is a part of it. Learning is a natural process going on all the time and I can help you apply it mindfully. If your objective is a healthy happy pet that you enjoy more fully, please contact me and we’ll find a time to meet.